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Judge temporarily reinstates Luman

More than two years ago, Mono County fired 15-year Road Department mechanic Dick Luman for an on-the-job dispute. After a failed appeal, his attorney, Katie Bellomo, took the case to Superior Court where Judge Stan Eller ruled that Luman should not have been fired, should be reinstated and given a new penalty hearing. Mono County […]

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Politicking on the job for elected officials

After a lot of debate, a vote by Mono Supervisors allows elected officials to keep conducting political activity on the job while rank and file employees can not. Supervisor Chairman Larry Johnston brought up this issue and wanted to create a fair rule that applies to all. Johnston said, “If we’re restricting employees, we should […]

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Wordsmithing politics

What seems simple to many has become a complex game of words in Mono County – how to tell employees and officials not to politick on the job. After a confusing conversation last week, the Mono Supervisors will bring back the issue next month. In January, the Mono County Counsel made it clear that County […]

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Mono Supervisors: politics on the job, a claim and the budget

Last month, we looked into how our two counties regulate political activities on the job for government employees. Inyo County prohibits it. Mono County does too, but not for elected officials. The Mono Supervisors may tighten up those rules when they consider a proposed ordinance at their meeting today. This whole issue came up when […]

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Play by the rules

People who run for office can gather signatures instead of paying fees, but can they ask for signatures during work hours on the job? Inyo County says, no. Mono County says employees can’t, but elected officials can. Recently, two Mono officials did take their petitions to a management meeting to get signatures, which raised questions. […]

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Three vacancies at the top in Mono County

As of February 5th, Mono County government will have lost three top management people. The Finance Director recently relocated, the County Administrator will go to a job in Sutter County and Director of Facilities and Risk Management, Rita Sherman, will retire. Mono Supervisors will interview applicants for Finance Director in February, and they thought they […]

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Mono deputy goes to appeal hearing

In May, Mono Sheriff’s Deputy Jon Madrid filed a claim against Mono County and the Sheriff’s Department.  He alleged that officers in the Sheriff’s Department engaged in “illegal and otherwise wrongful conduct.” One of Madrid’s lawyers says his client was forced to sit in a hall 8 hours a day.  The deputy went to an appeal […]

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Inyo-Mono Supervisors: New position, new bill and an appointment

At the Inyo Supervisors meeting today, County Administrator Kevin Carunchio planned to come back with a request to change some positions in his department. Carunchio asked the Supervisors to delete one Deputy County Administrator position and add one Senior Deputy County Administrator position.  The funds for the Senior Deputy, between $7,026 and $8,540, will come […]

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Supervisors: State woes, salaries, and air service

Our boards of supervisors have scheduled meetings for this week. Today, the Inyo Supervisors planned a special meeting at 9am in the boardroom.  The County Administrator planned to ask the Supervisors to okay an amendment to the exclusive negotiation agreement with Joseph Enterprises. Inyo County wants to negotiate construction and leasing of a county consolidated […]

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