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Opinion: #fixthepipe, LADWP

Submitted by Daniel Pritchett According to a press release recently issued by the Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley, DWP has yet to start repairs to its pipe which supplies irrigation water to the Big Pine reservation. The pipe has gotten increasingly clogged by tree roots and unless DWP acts promptly this will […]

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Opinion: New leadership needed on water issues

Submitted by Daniel Pritchett At the 2/9/17 Technical Group meeting Inyo County Water Department director Bob Harrington voted to approve DWP’s pre-construction plan for new wells on the Bishop cone (and was roundly booed for his efforts). Afterwards, he was quoted as saying, “There seems to be a misconception that the county is in favor […]

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Op-ed: More reasons to support LAxit

By Daniel Pritchett Last July I wrote an op-ed arguing for LAxit: inspired by Brexit (the British referendum on membership in the European Union), LAxit would be a referendum on Los Angeles exiting the valley while phasing out its dependence on Eastern Sierra water, addressing Native American land and water claims, and protecting existing open space. I pointed […]

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Letter to the Editor: LAxit (please go home)

Letter to the Editor Submitted by Daniel Pritchett British voters recently surprised the world by voting in a non-binding referendum to exit the European Union (Brexit). Among other things, Brexit supporters argued the European Union threatened British sovereignty and self-determination. Hmmm… What possible relevance could arguments about self-determination have to residents of a valley controlled […]

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Letter: ‘A most remarkable press release’

Submitted by Daniel Pritchett, Bishop A most remarkable press release! On January 12, DWP issued a press release. What DWP wrote: DWP announced it had modified wells “W385” and “W386” in the Five Bridges area, changed their names to “385R” and “386R”, and would conduct an analysis of environmental impacts of the wells under the […]

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Letter: ‘Officials understate failure of LTWA management’

The following letter was submitted by Daniel Pritchett of Bishop: The OpEd from Bob Harrington (Inyo Register 10/24/15) contained a review of language in the Inyo-LA Long Term Water Agreement (LTWA) regarding groundwater pumping and new wells.  It was also a good example of how county officials intentionally understate the failure of LTWA management. Specifically, […]

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Daniel Pritchett

Letter: LADWP and new well construction

The following letter was submitted by Daniel Pritchett: As a board member of the Owens Valley Committee (OVC), I was interested to read the recent (10/10/15) OpEd (attributed to Jim Yannotta) defending DWP’s program for new well construction.  The OpEd pointed out: 1) DWP is investing in various techniques to reduce demand for imported water […]

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Letter: Owens Valley not ‘pristine’

– Letter submitted by Daniel Pritchett “Out, damned spot. Out, I say!” Lady Macbeth’s repeated attempts to wash imaginary blood-stains from her hands and assuage her guilty conscience always come to mind when I see another of DWP’s efforts to sanitize its history. The most recent example was a full-page ad in the June 27 […]

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Letter: ‘Locally sourced water’

Letter to the Editor – Submitted by Daniel Pritchett Just a century ago, Owens Lake was a spectacular inland sea, teeming with life. After DWP reduced Owens Valley to a colony and dried the lake, its bed became the largest source of health-threatening dust in the nation. To mitigate the dust, DWP has been forced […]

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Letter to the Editor: Inyo Supervisors must act

– Submitted by Daniel Pritchett Supervisors must act promptly to challenge DWP DWP released its final 2015-2016 Operations Plan last week.  As expected, it includes enormous (57%) reductions in Owens Valley irrigation water. Under the Inyo LA Water Agreement (LTWA), these cuts must be approved by the Standing Committee.  The Standing Committee has not approved […]

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Daniel Pritchett

Letter to the Editor: ‘Talking water, talking nonsense’

– Submitted by Daniel Pritchett The Inyo Supervisors’ “Talking Water” workshop must have been quite an extravaganza to judge by the Inyo Register’s coverage (4/30/15).  Unfortunately, portions of the proceedings were all too predictable: misleading statements by DWP and credulousness by county leaders. DWP reportedly asserted that no water is being pumped for export.  DWP […]

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Energy plan meets with general approval

What started as a heated, public outcry ended yesterday with thank you’s all around at the Inyo Supervisors meeting. The Planning Department presented a very changed Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment draft which responded to public concerns. After hearing from ten people who mostly thanked the Board for responding to public issues, the Supervisors voted […]

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