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Business Improvement District proposal hung up on retail

As the old year ends, business owners in Mammoth Lakes still debate formation of a Business Improvement District. The biggest challenge, according to Mammoth Lakes Tourism Director John Urdi is which retail stores to include in the new district and how much to tax them. Lodging and restaurants will definitely go into the district. It’s […]

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Continued work to bring back June Mountain

A couple of weeks ago, Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory stated that his plans, as recorded in a report to the Forest Service, are to re-open June Mountain next year. Even so, some in June Lake continue to “aggressively look for a buyer for the Mountain.”  This, according to Mono Supervisor-Elect Tim Alpers. The Forest […]

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Business and government officials talk BID

For a few weeks, a group of Mammoth business owners and officials have met in an exploratory committee to consider formation of a Business Improvement District and the possible imposition of a 1% assessment on gross revenues of lodging, restaurant and retail businesses.  John Urdi, Mammoth Lakes Tourism Director, said that preliminary discussions indicate that […]

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Town Council moves ahead with plans to cut

Privately, citizens in Mammoth Lakes are saying that Town officials “orchestrated their online survey to match their already decided on plan.”  At last week’s Town Council meeting, even though the survey revealed that only about a third of the respondents supported the cut of seven police officers, all five councilmembers seemed to support the police […]

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MMSA CEO goes public

He kept a very low profile for months while the Town of Mammoth Lakes agitated through its cash crisis, but Wednesday night Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory went public.  He called himself an impediment and called for living and doing business in a different way. Sierra Wave Media talked to Gregory before Wednesday night’s Town […]

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Forest Service reviews MMSA plan for June Mountain

Earlier this month, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area submitted a response to the Forest Service on how they will manage June Mountain this winter during its closure and when and how they plan to re-open it. After Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory announced that June Mountain would close due to financial problems and a reported annual […]

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Officials, citizens meet on future of June Mountain

Elected officials and business people have gone to a series of meetings with Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory and Forest Supervisor Ed Armenta.  They hope to somehow keep June Mountain open next winter. Earlier this month, Gregory announced closure of June Mountain due to financial considerations.  Banks that hold loans for Mammoth Mountain pressed the […]

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Hyde bugs residents, may change

Partying and peaceful living sometimes just don’t jive. Some condo residents in the North Village in Mammoth Lakes say that’s the case with the Hyde Lounge and its loud music from 10pm to 2am. Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory has been dealing with this issue. Gregory said he has talked to one particular resident for […]

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Measure U on air service – yes or no?

As the Mammoth Town Council got ready for more talk on use of utility users’ tax money for an air service subsidy, we talked to Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory about the issue. He said that Alaska Air made it clear if there were not a fall subsidy, they would cancel all service for the […]

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Rusty Gregory talks about June Mountain

Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory said it was time to make a decision on June Mountain.  The small ski area, he said, continued to lose $1.5 million per year with a  drop in skier visits.  Gregory’s efforts to create some development in the past to boost the ski town had fallen to community criticism and […]

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MMSA CEO responds to questions

Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory continues to accept full responsibility for the layoff of 75 year-round employees and for what he called the intended and unintended consequences.  Gregory appeared at the Mammoth Town Council meeting Wednesday night sto repeat the news of the 30% loss of revenue and skiers and the impacts on the workforce.  […]

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Rusty Gregory explains MMSA layoffs

21 years ago, Mammoth Mountain went through what was called Black Monday – the layoff of 150 employees after a series of droughts.  This year, the layoff number was half that but the agony just as bad.  Mammoth Mountain CEO Rusty Gregory said that the regional drought and low skier demand led to “draconian and […]

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