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Some see “threat” of outsourcing Town of Mammoth jobs

According to informed sources outside town government, Mammoth Town Manager Dave Wilbrecht sent a letter to the Town Employees group that some call a thinly veiled threat to outsource Town jobs unless workers give up a lot more money. The point of threat is a paragraph that says basically that if employees agree on “sustainable […]

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Town of Mammoth request for contract law enforcement costs apparently goes nowhere

Although it was not publicly discussed, Mammoth Town officials did ask the Mono Sheriff’s Department how much it would cost to contract for law enforcement services through Mono County. The Sheriff suggested the Town use the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Contract Law Bureau to evaluate the cost of a law enforcement contract through Mono. He […]

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Marianna Marysheva-Martinez will continue to work for Mammoth

ANOTHER UPDATE –  Seems Ms. Myrold “mis-typed the total”  of Marianna Marysheva-Martinez’s total compensation. Myrold said of Martinez, “Her base salary is $208,000 with PERS her total compensation is $245,915.” UPDATE – Correction from Manager Wilbrecht on Martinez’s compensation.  Acting Finance Director Cyndi Myrold said, “Marianna’s base salary is $208,000.  With PERS, the total employee […]

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