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Police Chief works on report on impacts

As the storm of opinion swirls around Mammoth Lakes and the Town Council proposes to cut seven police officers, Police Chief Dan Watson has made his beliefs known but has not said too much.  He has prepared a report which may come up at Thursday night’s Town Council meeting. At the beginning of October, Chief […]

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Concerns grow over Mammoth police cuts

From the Los Angeles Times to the Mono County Sheriff, more than a few seriously question the severe police cuts proposed by the Mammoth Town Council. The Times, in Mammoth’s major market, reported on fears for safety without police. Mono’s Sheriff said he can’t understand why the Town Council “is not engaging law enforcement to […]

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Mammoth public says keep the police and Whitmore pool

Unsure what to say over the past many months of secret negotiations, the people of Mammoth Lakes found their voice at Wednesday night’s meeting. Citizens stood up and clearly spoke out against the cuts of Whitmore Park and Pool and cuts of Mammoth Police Officers. Some also objected to more rentals of single family homes. […]

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Mammoth Town Council rejects medical marijuana moratorium

In the face of legal confusion, crackdowns by US attorneys, pending lawsuits and legislation and maybe a ballot measure to legalize pot, the Mammoth Town Council did not approve a medical marijuana dispensary moratorium. Police Chief Dan Watson presented all of the pending issues circling medical marijuana right now.  He recommended a moratorium on any […]

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MLPD arrest man for terrorist threats

On Tuesday, Mammoth Lakes Police arrested Shawn Snyder, 42, of Mammoth.  He was booked for a charge of Terrorist Threats. Police Chief Dan Watson said that Snyder was arrested after he had threatened to kill two people and blow up the Police Station and Courthouse. Reports indicated that he was terminated from his job at […]

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Mammoth Lakes Police: crime and traffic stats

The Mammoth Lakes Police Department just released crime and traffic statistics for 2011 compared to 2010.  Following is the news release that details that state of crime and traffic issues: The Town of Mammoth Lakes had a 5% increase in Part I Crimes and a 7% decrease in Hit and Run and Injury traffic collisions […]

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No prohibitions for skateboarders on Mammoth streets

When the Mammoth Town Council met Wednesday night, they declined to prohibit skateboards on town streets. Police Chief Dan Watson brought up the issue of potential regulation of skateboards for discussion.  He reminded officials and citizens of the death of a visitor when he fell from a skateboard on one of Mammoth’s streets. The Chief […]

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New reality in Mammoth surfaces during budget talks

As the businessmen of Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition pore over financial records of the Town of Mammoth Lakes, in search of payment for their $40 million lawsuit judgment, the Town Council tries to come up with an interim budget for the new fiscal year, which does not even include the big debt payments. New Town […]

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