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Time for Mammoth people to weigh losses

The past year has kept Mammoth Lakes residents mostly in the dark about negotiations over the lawsuit judgment debt. Now, Town officials say they want to hear from people on proposed plans to cut seven police officers and six other employees along with the closure of Whitmore Park and Pool – this, to raise $2 […]

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Mammoth Town Council take debt resolution “one day at a time”

Special closed sessions over bankruptcy issues continue with the Mammoth Town Council.  They planned to meet in private Wednesday evening before their regular meeting, and now they have scheduled yet another special closed session for Thursday at 10am.  Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez said that the Town is taking final resolution of the $43 million […]

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Still no details on Mammoth-MLLA deal

Mammoth residents know nothing more today than they did Tuesday about how much money the Town may pay to Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition to settle the $43 million lawsuit judgment.  What they do know is Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez said she will go public with all the details once a final settlement agreement is […]

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Mammoth Town Council lists “community update” on MLLA debt

In August, Mammoth people heard from their officials that the dreadful $43 million lawsuit judgment debt was settled. A press release told how the court-ordered mediation resulted in a tentative agreement on a settlement with Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition and developer Terry Ballas. So far, officials have declined to reveal the dollar amount and terms […]

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Four months of negotiations and still talking

After four months of actual negotiations with Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition, the Mammoth Town Council met again Monday afternoon in closed session to come up with a response to MLLA’s latest proposal. The Council adjourned Monday’s meeting to another closed session Wednesday, February 8 at 8am.  The two sides continue to talk about the $42 […]

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Part of Hot Creek development agreement under discussion

Another detail from the Airport lawsuit situation – the development agreement signed back in 1997 is still in effect.  According to Mammoth Financial Consultant Marianna Marysheva-Martinez, the development agreement itself expires in 2017.  She said only part of the development agreement was transferred to Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition. Terry Ballas holds the rest and is […]

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