Tax Protesters Brave Cold Wind With Fiery Messages

All across the nation, groups decided to demonstrate today, tax day, their unhappiness with government spending. The organization behind the protests, TaxDayTeaParty, is generally considered to be Republican and conservative.

Locally, Lance and Barbara Hinek of Bishop organized a TaxDayTeaParty protest. Around 20 unhappy taxpayers met at Bishop City Park and walked down Main Street with their signs.

Lance Hinek said our country shouldnt pass on debt to the next generation.

Barbara Hinek said she and her husband are concerned about the President “taxing and spending.” They don’t like the bank bail out expenditures and most particularly pork barrel spending by both political parties.

“Money is being wasted,” said Mrs. Hinek who described herself as Republican and very conservative. She admited that you can’t really nail one party for the prolonged bad behavior by legislators.

Protesters braved cold winds to carry signs with these messages: No more stimulus. We can not spend ourselves out of debt. Self-serving politiciansBad for America!!!!
And, TEA Taxes Enough Already.

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