Too Much Staff Influence in Mammoth?

Former Mammoth Town Councilman and current candidate Kirk Stapp has raised an issue over tonights Town Council meeting.

Stapp believes a workshop on the Snowcreek Development Agreement is more about the Town Staff controlling the Town Council.

Town Manager Rob Clark doesnt think so but has referred Stapps letter to attorneys in a letter to the Town Council, Stapp says that the Council can take no action in a workshop. He sees the whole thing as Town Staffs attempt to have the Council bring up non-binding policies with the Staff in ultimate control.

Town Manager Clark said the Snowcreek Development Agreement is a chicken and egg issue. He said the negotiated Development Agreement doesn’t really come to the Town Council until the Planning Commission has acted on it. Clark said the question is how can the Town Council let the Planning Commission know what they want at this point.


Clark said Mayor Neil McCarroll and Councilmember Jo Bacon formed a subcommittee to deal with this issue. Clark said, They asked us for the workshop. He added that the workshop will give the Council a chance to raise issues that could be addressed in the Development Agreement. Clark explained that the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing and make an advisory vote for the Council.Then, the Town Council deals with the Development Agreement.

Stapps point in a workshop the Council can not reach consensus or offer an official recommendation. He feels this gives the Staff too much power over the 20-year Snowcreek Development Agreement.

Clark maintains that he and others are not trying to manipulate the process.

If we’ve missed something, said Clark, this is a chance to get it on the table.

Though he may think the workshop is kosher, Clark did say he referred Kirk Stapps letter to the Town Attorney and to Joe Pannone, special counsel on the Snowcreek Development Agreement.
That workshop will start at 5:20pm tonight.

Town Manager Clark said he and others “aren’t trying to manipulate the system.”

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