Town of Mammoth and Employees Still at Odds Over Carpooling

25 Town of Mammoth workers enjoyed the agreed upon carpool program provided by the Town. Then, when officials yanked the program in the fall, employees filed grievances and an Unfair Labor Practice. According to Union Chief Keith Uriarte, this month the Public Employment Relations Board will hold a settlement conference in Sacramento.

Uriarte said Town officials failed to bargain with employees over termination of the program that had been officially negotiated.

Town Manager Rob Clark said the carpool program was a trial and terminated after six months because “it was too expensive.” Uriarte said that it was “not a test program and could only be changed by mutual agreement.”

So, the employees’ groups filed the unfair labor practice charge with the state.

In November, Town Manager Clark said that the town was working with Eastern Sierra Transit Authority on van pooling. He said there were several ideas on the table to provide affordable transit for workers in Mammoth, not just Town employees.

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