Two Gun Related Arrests in Inyo County

An incident involving unregistered assault rifles led police to arrest a Bishop man recently. Police say that they arrested 53 year old Kelly Allred after reports of a man armed with a rifle walking around outside of a residence.

Police report that when they arrived on scene on May Street, they determined that the suspect had manipulated the weapon in a threatening manner.

Police say that they called Allred by phone to ask him to come out the residence, but Allred hung up on them.

Police and other law enforcement surrounded the residence, called the suspect again, and eventually he came out, according to police.

Officers report that they found two unregistered assault weapons, several hundred rounds of ammunition, as well as items considered to be explosive devices.

When asked what type of explosives, Bishop Police Lt. Chris Carter reported that the penal code defines explosive or destructive devices as anything from tracer rounds to ordnance. We found both, he said.

Police said that Allred was arrested and charged with possession of unregistered/illegal weapons, brandishing a firearm, and public intoxication.

Inyo Sheriff Officers reported a second gun-related incident over the weekend. Sheriff Detective Marston Motweiler reported that officers arrested 46 year old Big Pine resident Larry Seymour for criminal threats and brandishing a firearm Sunday morning.

Detective Motweiler explained that a dispute over money and an auto deal led to the incident where the suspect allegedly waived a shotgun at the victim and said that he was going to return with others to do the victim harm.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Seymour and recovered a shotgun, Motweiler reported.

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