Two Inyo road projects move ahead

inyocourthouseTwo road projects in Inyo County have reached the environmental phase and are expected to move forward. Both projects are listed as categorically exempt from environmental review.

One project involves a bicycle lane on Ed Powers Road from Highway 395 to Highway 168. According to County documents, the project includes widening the pavement from 24 feet to 32 feet to accommodate 4-foot wide bicycle lanes on each side of the roadway and installing bicycle lane signs, striping and markings.

That stretch of road is part of popular bicycle circuits on a regular basis. The bicycle lanes will be constructed within existing rights of way. This project will take place through the Inyo County Road Department.

The second project is road rehabilitation in West Bishop.

The project consists of rehab of around three miles of residential roads in West Bishop, including Pa Me Lane, Sunset Drive, Snow Circle, Sundown Circle, Summer Haze Circle, Leisure Circle, Autumn Leaves Circle, Irene Street, Carol Lane, Sierra Vista Way and Glenbrook Way.

Crews will add new surface, reconstruct existing roadway with no expansion of existing use. They will pulverize existing asphalt surface, reconstruct roadways and instal new hot-mix asphalt pavement.


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  1. Charles O. Jones May 6, 2013 at 10:11 am #

    The bike lane is a win-win.
    Motorists can safely pass the cyclists and the cyclists can travel from A to B with greater safety. Such projects make it better for all of us who share the road.

    Good job Inyo County!


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