Voting Computer Uncertainties

Uncertainty continues to cloud the future of public voting in California, including Inyo and Mono counties.voting_machines.jpg

As we had reported, the Secretary of State de-certified computer voting machines, based on a scientific report that said the machines can easily be hacked and votes compromised.

Inyo County Clerk Mary Roper said that voting machine vendors are working with the Secretary of State on matters she had requested. Roper said that she has taken part in conference calls with the vendors and the state. "They are trying to comply," she said.

For now, it looks like all voters will have to use paper ballots, like those used for absentee votes. The problem – Inyo has two scanners to count the ballots. Roper said the options include getting more scanners or staying up all night to count votes with the scanners they have.

Still up in the air – voting by U.S.mail. Roper said the legislature would have to act for this to become a possibility.

At the Mono County Courthouse, Elections Manager Christy Robles said she too is waiting to hear how the voting machine vendors will work things out with the Secretary of State.

Robles said she believes many conditions demanded by the Secretary of State have already been met and that re-certification of voting machines may still be a possibility.

Meanwhile, Mammoth School District's special election will go forward. It's unknown just what voters will use to cast their ballots. The election issue is the parcel tax that barely failed a few months back. That election is set for November 6th.

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