What’s up in Lone Pine

lonepineLone Pine Chamber of Commerce Schedule of events:

March 13 – There will be Film and Discussion at Lone Pine Film Museum from 6- 9pm Every Tuesday. Topic: Zeitgeist Call: 808-782-7566
March 13 – Topic: Zeitgeist Call: 808- 782-7566
March 17 – Blake Jones Trout Derby. Call: 760-873-8405
March 19 – Inyo Associates Meeting in Lone Pine
March 20 – Topic: Zeitgeist II: Addendum Call: 808-782-7566
March 27 – Invisible Empire: New world order defined Call” 808-782- 7566

Contact Information
Kathleen New
760-876-4444 Lone Pine Chamber
Let us know if you would like us to put an event in our calendar. It comes out weekly.

Other Reminders:
Photographs and Photogravures of Edward S. Curtis and Andrew A. Forbes from February 28- March 19 2012 at the Eastern California Museum Call: 760-878-0258

*Chamber of Commerce meetings on the 3rd Monday of every month at 4pm. *Inyo Associates meets every 3rd Monday of the month as follows:
March – Lone Pine

April 2012
April 14 – Alabama Hills Day at the Lone Pine Film History Museum. There will be booths/tables to provide information on their special activities.
April 25 – Lone Pine Short Film Festival, accepting Films less than 30 minutes. Call: 760-876-9909

May 2012
May 4 – Chick-Fill-a Leadership Conference in Lone Pine Call: 760-876-4444
May 5 – Wild Wild West Marathon May 8 – Candidates Night at Statham Hall from 6 to 8pm. May 19 – Spring Jam in the hills Call: 760-876-4444

June 2012
June 2 – Round Valley Elementary Fundraiser at Arcularius Ranch. There will be dancing, music, live and silent auctions along with a dinner. To reserve call: 760-408-0466

September 2012
September 15 – Grand Opening of the Bristlecone Visitor Center
September 15 and 16 – Sierra Discovery Day has arrived!! Find out more about the area by visiting the Multiple Venues in the Owens Valley and Eastern Sierra. Call: 760-873-9855

Lions Club Birthday and Anniversary Calendars are available at the Rio Tinto Minerals and Lone Pine TV for $5.


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  1. inyoindian March 16, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    This effort brings good awareness to the cummunity, and allows attendees to have a discussion on personnal views. At the same time bringing people together on real issues. A special Thank you to Ash Seiter!!


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